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After reading the latest newsletter I just had to write to congratulate you on achieving so much in such a relatively short space of time.  The development of Finchley Way Open Space is a wonderful example of the results of good leadership, lots of energy, and the creativity of a supportive local community - well done to you all!


Its wonderful to see how the area has been transformed already by the group's hard work. Let London's green spaces flourish!


Congratulations and a huge Thank You for your dedication and all your hard work in securing such a valuable asset for the community now and future generations.


I do like your choice of fencing and path materials.

Good to know that you have so many supporters.

H & F

Now that our walking is somewhat restricted, it’s lovely to have a place nearby where we can walk in the sunshine, sit on tree stumps for a rest, and enjoy seeing the improvements.  We like it all.


The site has improved and it is a pleasure just to walk through it.



I am in awe of what you guys have achieved there. 

Keep up the good work!

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